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About Us


Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific was set up in 2013 to capitalize on the potential of the burgeoning Asian market for businesses looking to engage with the region. Using our local network and holistic research methods, we have been offering services ranging from exploring meaningful insights of Asian consumers and the Asian market environment to the development of brand strategies and its execution.

At the heart of all that we do, Sei-katsu-sha, or people-driven philosophy, is the fundamental essence and distinction of our services as part of the Hakuhodo Group. To unravel the complexity of such a diverse region, our team is equally diverse in its makeup with members from various Asian nationalities, each bringing fresh perspectives.

Moving forward, we will continue our long-term engagement with past clients and expand our reach to help companies with goal to contribute to Asian society. In our commitment to continuous improvement, we will continue to update our knowledge on consumer insights through collaboration and in-house research, to build experience on branding and marketing, and to focus on human resource development.

YOSHIHIRO YOSHIDA | Managing Director

Our Story


Expanded office in Singapore

Established subsidiary

in Singapore

Integration of Hakuhodo Brand Consulting and Corporate Design Division to form Hakuhodo Consulting Inc.

Established Corporate Design Division to support M&A and overseas expansion projects.

Established Hakuhodo Brand Consulting; formerly a division of Hakuhodo inc.







Sei-katsu-sha insight: Cornerstone of Our Work

Sei-katsu-sha insight is the foundation of everything we do at Hakuhodo. It reminds us that consumers are more than shoppers performing an economic function. They have heartbeats. They are individuals with distinct lifestyles. In the 1980s, long before other agencies recognized the value of a holistic approach, Hakuhodo introduced this term to emphasize our commitment to a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective on consumers' lives.


Today, big data and cutting-edge technology enable us to understand sei-katsu-sha lifestyles better and faster than ever before, allowing us to build better bridges between our clients and sei-katsu-sha in society.

Corporate Profile


Company Name:

Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


9 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 088985



+65 8533 0694



10 (as of 5th May, 2023)

Corporate officer: 

Managing Director: Yoshihiro YOSHIDA >

Parent company:

Hakuhodo Inc. >

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