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Market Intelligece

Market Intelligence

Since our inception in 2013, our strength and uniqueness lie in our ability to generate and unravel deep Asian consumer insights through our in-house knowledge databases (such as Global HABIT), networks, and resources (e.g. ASEAN HILL and HILL Shanghai).


Beyond readily accessible data, we design and employ quantitative and qualitative research and other cutting-edge research methodologies such as A.I.-driven digital ethnography surveys depending on the needs of our clients. Adding on to this niche, our culturally-diverse team is strategically headquartered in Singapore, the "gateway to Asia", allowing us to observe how unique cultures interact and evolve.

Global Brand Strategy

As a brand specialist, we believe in collaborative creation with clients to build the brand. We think of brand strategy based on two angles - deep market understanding and long-term business strategy. This means that we build a brand strategy that differentiates from competitors and attracts current and future consumers, rather than only on short-term strategy.

For large-scale businesses, designing a winning and appropriate brand architecture from the get-go is paramount to ensure alignment with long-term business and product strategy. That's where we come in. We use proven approaches and methods to define brand values that are aligned with your business goals, encompassing brand KPI settings and management.

Global Brand Strategy
Marketing Implementation

Marketing Implementation

We partner with Hakuhodo group - a renowned marketing solutions company that has branches throughout Asia. Partnering with Hakuhodo can advance your marketing plan and implementation, ranging from building and implementing digital touch point strategies to internal branding to help all employees share and act on your brand values.

We also support implementation based on our brand strategy. Due to our one-stop solution, we have longer view in terms of building the brand. We evaluate goals based on brand strategy and consumer view.

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