Our Team


We continuously grow our knowledge and communication skills

We are a consulting firm delivering customised strategies developed from in-depth communications and understanding of people from diverse backgrounds essential in this increasingly connected world. Our staff are not only knowledgeable about cultures and events around the world, but also a great communicator. Regular feedback and sharing of knowledge ensure that our knowledge and skills are constantly up-to-date.

We mix logic and creativity

Effective marketing and branding strategy requires more than logical thinking and numbers. Creative thinking and emotional empathy from diverse perspectives are crucial to creating fresh ideas and motivating people towards the goal. So when dealing with hard data and facts, we use a human-centric approach to design an effective and original strategy that can resonate with your team.

We diversify ourselves

To address the complex Asian market with its multiculturism, mutilingualism, and different infrastructures, we need to diversify ourselves. That is why our team is made up of members from six different nationalities, and professional industries ranging from global research, IT consulting, commercial banking and finance, advertising, government, and other service industries. We seek to continuously broaden our capabilities by recruiting unique talents. 



Yoshihiro Yoshida | Managing Director

Yoshihiro, a managing director since established, has been delivering consultations for reinforcing branding and marketing in the Asian countries to leading Japanese enterprises in different industries raging from automobile to FMCG industries. He started his professional career at Hakuhodo Inc as a strategic planner, and after working for an Internet Venture Company, he joined Hakuhodo Consulting Inc (HCI) in 2004. 

He graduated from Waseda University with a Master Degree in Engineering and also graduated from University of Chicago with a MBA.

Kumiko Horiba | Senior Manager

Kumiko joined HCAP in 2018 with 15 years of experience developing her expertise on consumer insights and marketing strategies across the world in various companies.

After graduating from Waseda University, she worked for Sony Music as a marketer to expand music channels on satellite-based broadcasting networks. She then worked for a Japanese think tank and a global research and consulting firm in Japan and Singapore before joining HCAP. She is keen to fulfill her vision of helping Japanese brands grow overseas with diverse experiences across the cosmetic, toiletry, beverage, telecom and automotive industries.

Nguyen Thi Le Van | Associate

Van joined HCAP in 2016 and has been working in market research and branding strategy for Japanese clients in various industries, including automobile, F&B and B2B electrical goods. Prior to joining HCAP, she had 5 years of experience working in a Japanese market research and consulting company, and served as a Design and Traditional Good Consulting Coordinator of JETRO Hanoi (2015). She graduated with honors from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam.

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Ma Li | Associate

Ma Li joined HCAP in 2018. He was involved in various projects in branding, market strategy and consumer insights for the automotive, e-commerce and home appliance industries. He was also involved in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative market research surveys. Prior to joining HCAP full time, he was an intern in an American technology firm working in business analytics and helping the firm solve data-related issues. He is a graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Statistics.

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Gao Wei Qing | Associate

Wei Qing joined HCAP in 2018. She has been involved in various brand and marketing strategy projects in the consumer appliances, automotive, and residential industries. Prior to this, she has internship experiences in consulting firms, supporting Fortune 500 companies and award-winning SMEs, with a focus on public relations, branding, business development, and market entry. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and New Media.

Supriti Sethi | Associate

Supriti joined HCAP in 2019. She has been involved in marketing and branding strategy projects in consumer appliances and cosmetics industries. Prior to HCAP, she was a consultant in Tokyo, enabling clients to refine their market strategy and emerging market entry projects. She also helped set up Singapore branch office for her consulting firm. She is a former Government of India official focusing on India-Japan relations and radio announcer at NHK World Radio Japan in Tokyo.

Supriti holds a M.A. (Classical Japanese Literature) from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Hideyuki Suehiro | Ex-Director 

Suehiro joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 1999. Having been engaged in diverse projects for both domestic and global markets, his expertise includes brand experience design, experimental consumer surveys (ethnography, neuroscience, etc.), and corporate and product branding for big Japanese companies in the different industries. From 2016, he has been sharing his expertise as director of HCAP.

*has been assigned to Hakuhodo DY Holdings in Tokoy since July, 2019.